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The careful planning of trusts and estates can make all the difference for those you will be leaving behind, and well-considered planning can also benefit you for the rest of your life. (read more)


With no will at all, or if you have a will that's out-of-date or otherwise invalid, the rules of "intestate" (in-TES-tate) succession come into play. (read more)


If you are the executor or personal administrator of an estate, you may discover that while the decedent's last will may have protected the inheritance beneficiary from probate court and federal estate taxes, it did nothing to handle the affairs of the estate. (read more)


Adopting a child is the biggest decision a couple or individual can make. Whether you are an individual, husband and wife, or domestic partners, I can help you work through the many legal issues that are involved. (read more)


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Throughout life, people will try to do all that they can to provide for and protect the ones they love. However, because the estate administration process can be complicated by outdated estate planning, tax obligations, and the laws governing probate administration, having Indiana attorney Barbara J. Baird at your side during these cases can go a long way toward making estate planning a seamless process. (read more)


With the Supreme Court decision in June 2015 that made same-sex marriage lawful in all 50 states, more and more LGBT couples are getting married. And some couples married years ago, having traveled to other states and countries where they could legally wed. What does this new-found recognition mean? (read more)

AVVO Rated - 9.4