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While starting a new job is an exciting opportunity, it is also a time for careful consideration when an employee is asked to enter into an employment contract that might have significant impact upon their career. Similarly, when leaving a job, employers sometimes offer departing employees severance agreements that might limit their future employment opportunities. If you're being asked to sign either an employment contract or a severance agreement and have questions about the terms you are agreeing to, call Indianapolis employment law attorney Barbara J. Baird, who will explain all your options to you.

Employment Contracts

While not all employees in Indiana are working under the terms of a contract, employment contracts are fairly common for high-level employees as well as those holding upper management positions.

Sometimes an employee doesn't understand the full impact of the provisions of an employment contract until their employer accuses them of a contractual violation. The best time to examine the terms of an employment contract is before you sign it, not after.

Severance Agreements

In situations where an employee is leaving a company, severance agreements are common. Employers who offer severance agreements to departing employees almost always do so because they are seeking something of value, such as a full legal release to prevent the employee from filing a lawsuit against them, or bind them to the terms of a non-competition agreement, in exchange for a lump sum of money or other compensation. Because employers often insert terms unfavorable to the employee in severance agreements, you should consider having an experienced employment attorney like Barbara J. Baird review the agreement and explain the terms and implications to you before you sign it.

Understand What You're Signing

Need solid legal insight regarding employment contracts and severance agreements? Indianapolis Attorney Barbara J. Baird has been dedicated to meeting the legal needs of individuals, families, employees, and small businesses throughout Indiana since 1977. For comprehensive reviews of employment law documents, contact her online or call 317-248-5120 today.

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