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Indiana LGBT Attorney Works with DocuBank to Protect Clients’ Wishes

Indiana LGBT Community’s Living Will Registry

The state of Indiana does not legally recognize same-sex marriage. So what happens if you are in an accident or have a health-care emergency if your partner is not recognized as your “spouse” and is therefore unable to communicate your wishes? That’s where DocuBank comes in. Attorney Barbara J. Baird of Indianapolis, IN, knows that the LGBT community needs protection in such matters, and believes that DocuBank offers a solution.

What is DocuBank?

DocuBank is an online storage bank that houses and organizes all of your most important documents and health care information, including documents you have drawn up with an attorney, such as your living will, health-care directives, power of attorney, and other directives that will express your wishes if and when you cannot. Attorney Barbara J. Baird has seen the LGBT community suffer due to the lack of recognition of same-sex relationships in the state of Indiana, and knows how important these documents will be in case of a health emergency. Once you sign up for DocuBank and begin storing the necessary documents, you will receive an “Emergency Card” that you house in your wallet—this will allow hospital staff to access your directives and vital health information 24/7.

Protection for the LGBT Community

Healthcare directives are of dire importance to the LGBT Community. These directives can ensure that partners are able to access your hospital room and can make certain that the people you choose will be able to speak for you if need be. DocuBank also stores other advance directive documents that can be critical for you: a hospital visitation authorization, HIPAA release, domestic partner agreement, civil union and marriage license, burial instructions and many more.

Family Matters

DocuBank can also protect your children. The DocuBank “Minors Matter” program allows access to adoption and guardianship papers, along with other health information that may be important in a child’s medical emergency, and makes sure that your parental rights are safeguarded.

Contact Attorney Baird

DocuBank supports the Indiana LGBT community by donating a portion of each LGBT member enrollment to the HRC. Indianapolis LGBT Estate Planning Attorney Baird believes in the value of this service, has a direct link to DocuBank on her website, and also offers a discount rate to clients who wish to store these crucial documents with DocuBank. Call today at (317) 248-5120 to ensure you and your family are protected.